What to Do After IVF Failure?


Dr. Suman

Jul 20, 2021

An IVF failure is devastating for both male and female partners. One may feel lost and become depressed. However, if you are still dreaming of growing your family, you must resolve your query of IVF failure what next with your partner.  

IVF failure what next

Take a Proper Break

Before you must search for what next after IVF failure, you must take a proper break with your partner after the loss. The procedures involved in an IVF treatment take a substantial physical and emotional toll on the body. Hence, you must make sure to take at least one week off from everything to nurture yourself in the right way. It would help if you used the time to cry, scream, or binge eating any of your favorite food, or involve in an activity that will channel your emotional waves, which are normal reactions according to the situation.

Analyze the Underlying Reasons for IVF Failure

Once you take a break and overcome your physical and emotional toll, you have to find the answer to what is the reason for IVF failure? However, before you know the underlying causes, you must essentially be familiar with fertility treatments and fertilization.

The Success of every fertility treatment, including IVF procedure, depends solely on the viability and successful fertilization of sperm and eggs. Hence, fertilization leads to forming a healthy embryo, which should implant accordingly into the female uterus. 

The embryo should develop continuously once it implants successfully. The success or failure of an IVF treatment depends on many factors. However, here we have discussed a few IVF failure symptoms and other common possibilities.

We administer a few fertility drugs to create overstimulation of your ovaries so that they release many eggs or oocytes. Once we retrieve the eggs, we put them together with your partner’s sperm or donor’s sperm to help in fertilization. However, in some cases, eggs released by the female fail to fertilize successfully. Especially, eggs of women exceeding 30 years start to diminish in their quality and number both. 

  • Embryo Fails to Implant 

Embryo fails to implant be

  • Unviable Eggs 

cause of two primary reasons-

  • When embryo cannot get the right uterine environment because of scar tissues, Endometrium, or any pre-existing undetected/undiagnosed problem
  • If the embryo has abnormal chromosomes

Based on IVF failure stories, if your IVF treatment fails due to the failure of the embryo to implant, your embryo must undergo a Pre-implantation genetic test. This test determines the genetic condition of the formed embryo and, in turn, boosts your chance of successful implantation. Women more than 35 years of age remain at high risk related to the formation of eggs with chromosomal deficiency. Furthermore, the risk will rise with the age of a woman. 

  • Failed Fertilization 

In some cases, fertilization does not take place because of either the quality of sperm or eggs. 

  • Lack of Enough Follicles

If the age of any patient and hence, her ovaries are more than 35 years, she may lack enough healthy follicles to produce the desired number of eggs. However, we can overcome this in most cases by administering age-appropriate type or dosage of ovarian stimulation drugs. 

  • Lifestyle Factors 

If you want to grow your family, you have to be the best candidate to make your IVF treatment successful. For this, you must choose a healthy life and follow the right fertility-friendly diet. Moreover, it would help if you avoid smoking and taking alcohol, as both of them directly influence the Success of your IVF treatment. 

Based on our experience in IVF treatment, we have observed that women involved in smoking habits may need 3 or 4 IVF attempts to get pregnant. Besides, a few of them have found as approaching us with the query 3 failed IVF cycles what next and others remain at a high risk of miscarriage. Other than this, if you are overweight or underweight, you may experience IVF failure.  

Schedule Your Meeting with a Fertility Specialist

After identifying the reasons behind your IVF cycle failure, you have to schedule your meeting with a fertility specialist. Here, your doctor will review the details related to your IVF cycle. This will start from the results of your ovarian stimulation, egg quantity or egg quality issues, and embryo transfer or development issues.  

How to Get Pregnant after IVF Failure 

Once your doctor reviews your results, doctors recommend the following alternatives as your next steps after IVF failure.  

Next IVF Attempt 

You have to discuss with our fertility specialists to determine whether you need any adjustment to your IVF cycle. Many times, patients have to undergo 3 or 4 IVF attempts to make the treatment successful. On the other side, if you experience consistent IVF failure, we indicate PGT as a significant reason and recommend different options. 

Third-Party Egg Donors

If you are overage and have non-viable and inadequate eggs, you may need donor eggs. In this situation, we choose women below 30 years to become egg donors. Moreover, we screen the potential egg donors thoroughly to make sure of healthy eggs.  


Regardless of the underlying reason, a few women fail to carry fertilized embryos full term. This leads to the failure of the embryo implantation and repeated miscarriages even though there is no IVF treatment failure. In this situation, we recommend surrogacy treatment, where the surrogate does not have any direct genetic relation with the embryo. Instead, she acts as a gestational carrier. Many couples select surrogates from the ones they know very well, while others search for surrogates via advertisements. After you choose a surrogate, she has to undergo a thorough medical and psychological examination.  


IVF failure is somewhat depressing for couples who want to have a baby. However, you have to control your depression and look for alternatives available under medical science. If you have any doubt, feel free to contact our fertility specialists at Fertilityzilla. 


Why does my recent IVF cycle fail?

Your recent IVF cycle failure may be due to any reason we have shared here, about which your partner and you must remain well aware. In addition, awareness of the problem will help doctors and patients take the necessary precautions in the upcoming IVF cycles.  

Do you think my body responds to prescribed drugs appropriately?

Yes, we prescribe you medications by considering your medical history, present condition, underlying reasons, and other factors. Hence, our prescribed medications will respond well to your body. In this way, you get the desired result in the upcoming cycle. 

Do my IVF success or failure depend on the condition of the Endometrium?

Yes, your IVF success depends mainly on the condition of the Endometrium. If it is not receptive, your uterus does not allow embryo implantation. Hence, the Endometrium should be receptive on the implantation day for your successful pregnancy. 

Does IVF success or failure depend on the quality of formed or donated eggs?

Yes, IVF success or failure depends on the quality of formed or donated eggs used mainly to fertilize with sperm physically and accomplish embryo development.  In contrast, poor quality of eggs produces poor quality embryos, which leads to miscarriages or IVF failures. 

Do I have to avoid intercourse before semen analysis?

Yes, you have to avoid intercourse for approximately 48 hours before your semen analysis. Moreover, to stay on the safe side, we often recommend our patients abstain from intercourse while their IVF treatment and embryo transfer cycles go on. 

Does bleeding is normal during my IVF treatment cycle?

Yes, a few drops of blood but not flood is expected during your IVF treatment cycle. The underlying reason may be anything, like your medications, fibroid, polyp, or any other structural/hormonal problem. However, you must contact us immediately if you experience unexpected bleeding. 


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