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Dr. Suman

Sep 30, 2021

Before talking about the IUI Treatment Cost in IndiaI would like to discuss in brief what is IUI treatment and why should you go for IUI treatment? Are you certainly dealing with the infertility issues and planning for a kid for a long period of time after having unprotected sex with your partner? Does it always result in anger and frustration of not being able to embrace parenthood? 

Well, to rectify the issues of infertility that resulted in frustration and disappointment among numerous couples who are facing such problems, IUI is the one such treatment that could bring hope and happiness back to their life. 

Among 70-80% of today, generation suffers from the issues of infertility which is either contributed by male or female. Therefore, the couple should go for the IUI treatment which provides them with rays of hope and the possibility of becoming parents to their child.

Intrauterine Insemination, or IUI, is a type of artificial insemination in which infertility doctors inject male sperm directly into a woman’s uterus. When the ovary releases one or more fertilized eggs, sperm is deposited directly in the uterus.

What is the purpose of the IUI procedure?

Intrauterine insemination is used to overcome obstacles that prevent women from becoming pregnant. The process of insemination is influenced by a number of factors, which are listed below:

  • Infertility caused by endrometerics.
  • Allergy in the sperm.
  • The sperm count is low.
  • Problems with ejaculation.

What is the success rate of IUI treatment?

IUI will have a different effect on each couple, and success can be difficult to predict. The outcome is influenced by wide varieties of factors, including:

  • age
  • a diagnosis of underlying infertility
  • whether or not fertility medicines are employed
  • other fertility-related issues

The chances of conceiving after IUI varies depending on your reasons for seeking reproductive treatment. Women who are above the age of 40 and women who have not got pregnant even after undergoing three cycles of IUI have lower success rates with IUI. To see if this is a good option for you, talk to your fertility specialist and what are you chances of conceiving through this treatment.

What is IUI Treatment Cost in Delhi

After discussing in brief IUI treatment and what is the success rate of the treatment for the women to get pregnant. In this section of my article, I will talk about the Cost of IUI and whether it comes under the budget of couples or not.

IUI treatment is one of the most preferred treatments in Delhi. The treatment of IUI is performed by collecting the sperm of the males and then placing the washed sperm into the uterus of women during the ovulation phase to achieve the positive results of the fertilization. The Cost of IUI in Delhi depends upon the type of IUI treatment the couple undertake to eliminate the issues of infertility. 

There are two types of IUI treatment that are prescribed for the couple-the first one is the natural IUI, and the second one is medicated IUI. Intrauterine Insemination is effective when the male partner is inefficient to produce healthy sperms needed for the process of fertilization.

Before undertaking the cycle of IUI, the IUI fertility specialist will check the condition of the patient and if there is a requirement of ovulation medication needed for the female to provide multiple eggs which will further enhance the chances of fertilization. In that case, IUI Cost in Delhi range between Rs 15000- Rs 20000.

During the treatment of IUI, a wide number of fertility drugs are used in the females, such as Clomiphene, HCG infusion to infuse sperms directly into the uterus of the females. Before placing sperms inside the female’s uterus, a sperm assortment measure is used to check the quality of sperms. After washing sperms to get rid of impurities and dirt, it is placed inside the female’s uterus. Furthermore, after fourteen days of the treatment, the woman conceives either at home or the fertility clinic.

However, the Cost of IUI Treatment is by far reasonable as compared to other treatments in Delhi, such as IVF, ICSI, IMSI, PICSI etc. The cost depends upon certain factors such as the age of the women, how many cycles are to be performed, ultrasound, medications and IUI with donor sperms.

The cost of medication and fertility drugs ranges between Rs 8000-Rs 10000, and the total procedure of IUI, which includes a visit to the clinic, initial consultation, ultrasound, fertility lab charges, medical tools and apparatus and placing of sperm into female’s uterus, cost you around Rs 8000-Rs 10000. So, the Total cost of IUI in Delhi will range around Rs 15000-Rs 20000.

What is the Cost of IUI in Noida?

The cost of IUI Treatment in Noida ranges between Rs 5000 to Rs 45000 depending upon the certain factors and type of IUI treatment undertaken by the couple. However, the cost of IUI includes the cost of consultation, stimulation of ovaries, processing of sperms, monitoring of IUI and pregnancy tests.

The total cost of IUI treatment depends upon the number of treatment cycles undertaken by the couple, facilities of the clinic and individual’s health. Moreover, common expenses which are included in the treatment includes complete blood work for each partner, ultrasound procedures, laboratory procedures and the consultation fee of the doctor. The expenses which are not involved in IUI treatment and need to be incurred by the couples include medical tests, additional procedures apart from IUI treatment procedures, donor sperms and additional IUI cycles.

Before undertaking the IUI treatment, the couple should check multiple packages available at the clinic and choose the best package which suits their pocket. If the couple is financially weak, they can go for a medical loan to bear the expense of IUI treatment.

Is Cost of IUI in Bangalore Expensive?

No, the cost of IUI in Bangalore is not expensive and comes under your budget. The one cycle of IUI cost between the range of Rs 10000-Rs 15000, which includes the cost of fertility drugs, medications and procedure of IUI. 

However, the cost of treatment will depend upon certain factors such as female age, medical history of the patient, miscarriages, number of IUI cycles undertaken by the women and what is the type of infertility.

The natural cycle of IUI is in which semen is directly placed in the female uterus near the fallopian tubes to expand the chances of pregnancy. This cycle includes purifying the semen and collecting high-quality sperms. The total cost of this cycle is around Rs 10000-Rs15000.

The Clomid or Letrozole IUI cycle requires a blood test, ultrasound and oral fertility drugs as prescribed by the specialist to confirm the pregnancy. The total cost revolves around Rs 15000-Rs 25000.

The Gonadotropins IUI cycle is required for women who don’t ovulate regularly, and the doctor conducts various tests to expand the chances of pregnancy. The cost of this cycle revolves around Rs 25000-Rs 35000.

What is the total Cost of IUI in Hyderabad?

There are various medical centers in which couples can consider before undertaking the treatment of IUI in Hyderabad. The fertility clinic in Hyderabad offers the best quality medical care and aims to achieve the highest success rate for females in IUI treatment. 

They provide the best medical facility to couples at the cheapest rate. If we talk about the cost of IUI treatment, it ranges between Rs 10000-Rs 30000 depending upon the expertise of the doctor and success rate. However, before going for IUI treatment, the couple should check the additional packages of IUI treatment available in Hyderabad.

Are There Low Treatment Cost of IUI in Chennai?

If you are looking for low-cost IUI treatment packages in Chennai, then no problem!! In this section of my article, I will tell the estimated cost of IUI treatment in Chennai. The total cost of IUI may range between Rs 5000-Rs 40000 depend upon ovulation induction, procedures of IUI, type of IUI treatment, etc. 

If you go for the natural cycle of IUI treatment, then the cost would be around Rs 5000. In contrast, in ovulation induction and down-regulated IUI cycles, then the cost would be around Rs 15000 and Rs 40000, respectively. The couple can select the IUI treatment depending upon the situation of the patient and health condition.


I believe that the article mentioned above must have given you a clear insight into the IUI treatment cost in India. IUI or Intrauterine Insemination is one of Assisted Reproductive Technology which cures and eliminates the infertility issues of the couples. 

However, IUI treatment somehow increases the chances of pregnancy for those women who face difficulties in getting pregnant.

Depending upon the budget and medical health of the couple, they can go for the treatment that suits their requirements and bring hope in life to embrace parenthood again.


Are there any factors that determine the cost of IUI in India?

There are a wide variety of factors that determine the IUI treatment cost in India, such as the age of the female, medical history of the female, type of infertility, number of miscarriages, number of IUI cycles incurred by the couple before and others.

Is IUI treatment expensive in India?

The IUI treatment is one of the most preferred and reasonable treatments in India as compared to other fertility treatments in India. However, the cost of IUI treatment depends upon the complexities of the women.

Why go for IUI treatment to eliminate the infertility issues?

IUI treatment is recommended for those females who suffer mild endometriosis or unexplained cause of female infertility. This treatment is effective in case when a male is suffering from infertility problems and doesn’t produce healthy sperm. In that case, donor sperms can be used in the treatment.


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