There can be many reasons for considering the best fertility preservation centre in one’s life. There are times when people are working to achieve their goals and aspirations. Some people are faced with extreme hardships like cancer. In such cases, when one has to put a stop or halt on the wish to be a parent, fertility preservation techniques like cryopreservation come to the role. Such techniques include extracting fertile cells like sperm, egg or a fertilized embryo and freezing them so that they can be used when they are required in the future.

What is Fertility Preservation?

Fertility preservation refers to the process of preserving your fertility for future use. It is done using a technique called cryopreservation. Cryopreservation is the technique in which we preserve sperm, eggs, or embryo/embryos by freezing them using liquid Nitrogen at -196 degrees Celsius temperature which makes them inactive until we thaw (defreeze) them to conceive later in the future. Some of the best fertility preservation centres in India believe that it is the best feeling ever to witness someone diagnosed with cancer a few years ago and now playing with their children. So it is very important to find the best fertility specialist and the best fertility preservation centre that have ample experience in these procedures.

Types of Fertility Preservation

Fertility preservation is used for three cases mostly

Sperm Freezing

Sperm freezing refers to the freezing of sperms for future use.

It is mostly opted because of one or more of the following reasons;

  • If a man is getting aged (40 years or more)
  • If someone is not sure whether they want children or not
  • Currently focused on other life events
  • Someone being aware that their sperm count is low
  • Being aware that sperm quality is low
  • risks of having any injury or damage in case of someone being in the army or,
  •  if a man has some chronic disease like cancer.

Egg Freezing

Egg freezing (also called oocyte cryopreservation) refers to the preservation of eggs (oocytes) using cryopreservation. It is done because of one or more of the following reasons;

  • Age is the most common reason among the women who go for egg freezing. Fertility in women starts declining very soon after 35.
  • If she is uncertain about having children
  • Currently focusing on other life events
  • If someone hasn’t found the right partner
  • In case of early menopausal symptoms
  • If she is serving in the army or focusing on a sport
  • In chronic disease like a cancer or,
  • Undergoing any surgery
  • In case of endometriosis

While opting for Egg freezing, be sure that you are consulting the best ERS services for the assurance of proper results.

Embryo Freezing

It is done like sperm and egg freezing but here a fertilized embryo is preserved using cryopreservation. In this practice, the patient goes through an IVF cycle for fertilization to take place.  . The survivability rate of these frozen embryos is around 95% but you need to have a competent doctor by your side.This is done to preserve several embryos for future use. Not just good but you need the best cryopreservation centres to execute this process.

Fertility Preservation Options for Males

Fertility preservation in meant to save the semen for future use. But, how it is done by the doctors? There are two methods by which fertility is preserved in men. The first one, out of the two male fertility preservation options, is the slow freezing method. In this method, sperms are frozen slowly and they are held at the low sub-zero temperature. The other method is the vitrification method, in which the doctors place the sperms in a special solution before placing it into the liquid nitrogen for cryopreservation. This method has been proven to give higher success rates.

In both these methods, our embryologists are highly skilled and experienced which is why we offer the best fertility preservation centre in India.

Fertility Preservation Options for Females

Not just one but there are many fertility preservation options for females available. These options comprise ovary stimulation for stimulating the ovary to lay eggs, retrieval of eggs, and freezing of those eggs. These eggs can be kept in this freezing state for many years till they are thawed to fertilize later to create embryos. The embryos can then be shifted to the uterus of the woman in order for the pregnancy to continue.

We being the best fertility specialists in India are witness to numerous tears being changed into smiles when people with malignancies like cancer know about this procedure. A child can be the greatest hope for someone battling cancer. Fertility preservation is the best way to go when you are not sure if you want a child or not. We being the best IVF specialists in India, are equipped with special facilities for egg and embryo preservation.

Why is There a Need to Preserve Fertility?

Preserving the fertility can be required in cases where there is any kind of uncertainty regarding the decision if one should have children or not. It can also be helpful for people having any kind of autoimmune diseases.

  • It can be chosen by people who wish to be financially stable before having a child so that the child gets better attention.
  • People who don’t have any long term partner
  • Divorced people who want to be parents in the future but haven’t found someone
  • People who are diagnosed with cancers. For such people, fertility preservation is the greatest blessing of modern science
  • People who are at the risk of injury or death like people in the armed forces, professional fighters, etc.

Cost of Fertility Preservation in India

Cryopreservation is one of the best ways to preserve your chances of being a parent. There can be a lot of reasons one can have for not wanting to have a child in the present. But deep down we all feel amazing when we are around a child. We all feel a wish to have a child of our own someday, if not in the present. In cases where there is any malignancy or any kind of uncertainty, cryopreservation comes to be the best help one can get. It is also not very expensive. When you go to freeze your eggs for the first time, it is almost like the process of Ivf as the ovary is stimulated using fertility drugs first, and then eggs are retrieved from the ovaries when the follicles mature. After both of these processes are carried out, then only the freezing is done. The cost of egg freezing in India, Delhi or any other place, ranges between 50,000 to 1 Lakh Rs.

The second case is when you have already frozen your eggs but you have to retain the frozen eggs. This costs only 15,000 to 30,000 Rs every year.

When to Visit a Doctor for Fertility Preservation?

You need to visit a doctor if you are uncertain about having a baby and you are getting to the age where fertility starts declining. If you have other priorities in life like being financially stable first, focusing on your career, or if you are not in the right mindset to have the responsibility of a child at the present moment, you can go for the best fertility preservation centre using cryopreservation.

Why Should You Choose Fertilityzilla?

The most important factor to decide if we should trust or invest in any organization is the prior success rate of that institution. You can check for our success rates and you will be sure that we are one of the best fertility preservation centre in India, that includes Delhi and many other places. It is simply because we have skilled doctors and great medical equipments by our side. We are the best IVF center in India. We are also highly esteemed when it comes to egg freezing in India, sperm freezing in India, or embryo freezing in India.


Can I freeze my eggs after 50?

Although, there is no particular age to get your eggs frozen but in such matters, it is better to act sooner than later. The best time for freezing is in the prime (20-35 years). If you are 50 years old or more, you should not wait any further. We provide the best egg freezing services in India.

Can I freeze my eggs before Chemo? 

Yes, usually the freezing is done before the person undergoes Chemotherapy as the radiation can sometimes decline your chances of ever getting pregnant.

How many eggs do you need to freeze? 

Usually, the doctors ask you to freeze 10 to 15 eggs for each pregnancy attempt. This recommendation generally changes with increasing age as fertility declines with age.

How do doctors retrieve eggs? 

(a)Ovary is stimulated using fertility drugs to produce eggs.

(b) An ultrasound probe is inserted into the vagina to identify eggs.

(c) A needle is then guided through the vagina and eggs are sucked out using a suction device.

Is IVF a painful process? 

No, IVF is usually not a painful process as the doctors use sedating drugs. It is by far the most convenient process to get pregnant when compared with other processes on the basis of the success rates. We offer the best IVF services in India.  Fertilityzilla is among the best IVF centres in Delhi.

How long can the fertility preservation process take?

The process usually takes around two weeks. Firstly, the evaluation is done by the doctor through tests. Then the ovary is stimulated using drugs and then egg retrieval is carried out.

How does a doctor freeze eggs?

The freezing of eggs is done through the use of liquid Nitrogen gas at a subzero temperature of -196 degrees Celsius. Because of this cold environment, the eggs go into an inactive state. The eggs become normal again when the doctor thaws (de-freezes) them when they are used in the future.

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The disheartening journey of infertility was haunting me real bad. I wasn’t in a good place mentally. I had lost hope that I could ever be a father as I had a low sperm count. My wife got to know about ICSI from FertilityZilla from her friend who had herself used their service. We went ahead with it and now we have a 12 days old baby boy. Thanks guys. Can’t thank you enough.

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I can’t say enough good things about FertilityZilla. They have a good team of caring, friendly and capable members who made it all look like a child’s play. I didn’t think getting pregnant was this easy. I am really thankful to you guys.

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I was focused on my career since always and didn’t consider having a baby till I realized that I really need one now. It had become a little late as I was already 35 years of age. Then, I took FertilityZilla’s help. They told me that I needed an IVF treatment and it worked. I am really fortunate to find these guys as I’ve seen many people undergo several IVF cycles in order to get pregnant.

- Vireena Panghal

I don’t think I can ever repay you guys for the considerate and patient behaviour that you guys have shown us. My wife was very scared about the IVF procedure. All thanks to you guys, we went through it all with hope and positivity leaving the rest upto you and now we are happy parents of a one year old baby girl. My mother really keeps on blessing you guys whenever we talk of those hard days of infertility.

- Kapil Singh

Me and my wife are both grateful for the service that we received from you guys and from the whole staff of FertilityZilla, for that matter. Thank you guys for going an extra mile for us whenever we wanted help from you. Thank you for giving us your time and wisdom. My baby will know what kind of man he should be because of you people. Thank you for your services.

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I wanted to send a personal email to let you know that I am really happy with the service I received from you guys. I had listened about FertilityZilla through a friend and I am thankful for having him as a friend. Because of his recommendation, I came to you guys and you have gave me a beautiful reason to live. Thank you guys!

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All the staff at FertilityZilla were amazing at what they did. They were considerate and professional at each time. We can not complain of the service that we got. Thank you for being the best.

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I’ve had a really great experience with you guys. I didn’t think I will ever be a parent as I was 35 already. All thanks to your amazing team at FertilityZilla, now I have a beautiful baby boy.

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A big Thank you to all the guys at the FertilityZilla for making my dream of being a father come true. I really was very humbled to meet you guys. You were all so well-behaved. I would like my miracle baby to be like you guys, simple yet knowledgeable. Thank you for gifting me and my wife parenthood. You guys are amazing!

- Rekha Bora

You were the last guys that we called and we were losing all the hope that we had and now, we are certain that you are the first guys that anyone with fertility problems should call. All the staff at FertilityZilla is amazing at their work.

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The doctor from FertilityZilla studied our case details to give us not just a good, but great pieces of advices everytime they would talk to us and for that, I am thankful. My baby doesn’t know how hard it was to have him. I’m sure he’ll also be grateful for this amazing gift of life that God gave to him through you guys.

- Sonia Bisht

We had struggled for 5 years to get pregnant until you guys came in our lives to gift us the blessing of parenthood. We would always recommend FertilityZilla to anyone in our social circle requiring fertility aids/ treatments.

- Sunita Pradhan

My husband and I are very happy that we got to experience this wonderful feeling of unconditional love. We could never thank enough you guys. Thank you for each and everything that you did for us. Thank you for your considerate behaviour and great medical expertise which you delivered to us.

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My husband and I are so happy for having one of each, a boy and a girl. We were not able to conceive even a single child for many years. We were trying from the year we got married. Now, with the help of you amazing people at FertilityZilla, we got to experience parenthood. Thank you for being there guys.

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I can not express the gratitude that I feel for you guys in my heart. Thanks to you guys, I am holding my own 3 months old. I thought I could never be a parent after the 3rd IVF cycle. Thank you guys. May you stay happy and blessed always.

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The FertilityZilla team was upfront and active during our discussions. They didn’t just tell us the what but the how and why also for each and everything they did. You guys are really deserving of immense happiness and appreciations in your life. Thank you guys.

- Megha Singh

FertilityZilla took really great care of us. We were suggested the right procedure and that is why we have a cute little baby boy of 5 months. The people at FertilityZilla know what they were doing. I would recommend to every couple who needs infertility treatments.

- Sunidhi Negi

FertilityZilla really impacted our lives in positive manner. We were trying from 4 years to conceive and had lost hope because we couldn’t conceive. We are expecting a boy now. All thanks to FertilityZilla for filling or lives with happiness.

- Reeta Giri

FertilityZilla is the best fertility consultancy organization in Delhi NCR. Their staff is knowledgeable, caring. They check up each and every bit of detail that needs to be considered. I recommend them to anyone having a problem in conceiving.

- Riya Nihal

FertilityZilla, we can’t express the gratitude that we have for you in our hearts. You have given us the gift of life and love. We really think that it was God’s blessing that our friend, Rajesh Kaswan, recommended you to us.

- Amit Panghal

The staff at FertilityZilla is the best when it comes to the show of an empathetic behaviour with professionalism. Thanks to you, we had the greatest fertility experts by our side in our IVF journey.

- Alfiya Jehangir

There can never be enough words to thank you guys. My daughter was born in June and she has already become the boss lady of the house. The whole family revolve around her. Thank you for this experience.

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We are really pleased to share our experience with FerilityZilla as we had a wonderful experience. We were all kind of depressed because we could not conceive even after trying for 3 years. You people came to us like a blessing. We are really thankful to you, guys!

- Chhavi Ahir

FertilityZilla will always hold a special place in our hearts. Our journey may have been a bit longer but, it was a decent one. All thanks to the FertilityZilla team.

- Barkha Dutta

The people at FertilityZilla were always positive with us. I really can’t thank you guys enough for being there with us when even our friends and family lost hope. Now, I can root for you guys whenever you need help. Thank you for being in our lives.

- Rahul and Muskan Tiwari

It will go on for days if I start telling you guys how much thankful I am to you. I recommend FertilityZilla to every person seeking help for fertility problems.

- Reena Ansari

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