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Dr. Suman

Jul 12, 2021

IVF or In Vitro Fertilization comes into effect once a couple is not having normal pregnancy for some years. Childless parents do search for the Best IVF clinic in India and their locality. Over the years, it has been found that numerous couples are not having a baby due to any physical issue. The problem may lie within the husband or the wife. Normal pregnancy does not come in that case. Doctors do take other measures for pregnancy, but in most cases, IVF becomes the savior. 

Best IVF Clinic in India

What is IVF? 

IVF or In Vitro Fertilization is a part of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART). From its category, it is clear that this assists in bringing pregnancy in the other way. It is a combination of medicinal treatment along with the surgical process. It allows sperms to fertilize an egg not in the mother’s body, but the laboratory. This fertilized egg is called the embryo and it is transferred to a woman’s uterus for having a baby. 

This IVF process is a little deviation from the normal pregnancy. It adopts the same concept of pregnancy but from the outside. In that system, where normal pregnancy is not coming, it can stimulate the process by doing that part outside the woman’s body. IVF addresses different issues of infertility. Its success rate is also very high. You can expect a healthy baby without any trouble. If you are interested to have a baby in this process, you can check out the Best IVF center in India

IVF is applicable for what type of people?

IVF is the process where a woman’s eggs are removed from the ovary and those are fertilized in the laboratory with man’s sperm. In this process, the embryo forms, and it is placed into the uterus to give birth to a child. This is a summary of the process. Now, if you ask, what type of people will be beneficial in this IVF process, then we need to enter into details. 

Started initially to treat patients with bilateral tubal block, IVF today has become one of the best methods to fight against infertility. If normal pregnancy does not come then a section of people takes the help of IVF. IVF comes as a third stage after Ovulation Induction (OI) and Intra-Uterine Insemination (IUI). If both OI and IUI fail, then IVF comes into action. If you are somehow affected by PCOS or polycystic ovarian syndrome and unable to conceive regularly, then IVF is the best option for you. Similarly, in case of male infertility or even for any type of unexplained infertility, IVF comes handy and its success ratio is also very high. 

Success Factor of IVF

This is one of the most sought-after questions for any couple who is planning to undergo IVF treatment. Well, you can never give any sort of guarantee since the human body is involved in this process. If IVF was a total laboratory-based model, then the assurance level can be high. But, as after laboratory part, it again needs woman’s body parts, hence none can give you total assurance of your baby. But, yes, with the advent of medical science, the success rate is very high as the process is scientific and systematic. Still, it depends on different factors like age of the woman, her physical fitness, internal body parts working ability, type as well as the duration of infertility, response from the ovary, uterus condition, etc. In some cases, IVF depends on the process also. The human body reacts differently in the case of self or donor eggs as well as in the case of fresh or vitrified embryo transfer. Your doctor is the best person to examine your body. He can give you the ideal suggestion as per that. There are lots of Ivf companies in India and based on their reputation you need to choose the best for you. You will find the Best ivf doctor in India who are ready to diagnose and give birth to your child without any complication. 

Cost of IVF Treatment in India

The cost of IVF depends on various conditions attached to the treatment. None can say the exact amount required as it varies from one person to another person. The reason of vary is actually due to the response received from women while undergoing this treatment. IT is a bit on the higher side compared to other general treatments that we do every day, but it is highly effective. That is why people go for IVF without any question. 

When to Choose IVF

Infertility can happen due to any reason and there are several ways to treat infertility. So, IVF is not the first option. If all the processes are failed, then one can adopt the IVF process to give birth to a child. 

Let’s check-in what circumstances one can go for IVF Treatment: 

  • Low sperm count
  • Ovulation problem
  • Fallopian tube or Uterus problem
  • Endometriosis
  • Antibody problem
  • Any other known/unknown fertility problems

How to choose the best IVF Clinic in India

IVF is trending for several years and lots of clinics have been established to solve the problem of complicated pregnancy. Still, you need to be careful about the clinic where you are planning to have such a costly and risky treatment. You must check certain things in prior so that if needed, you can take a bold decision also. 

Let’s look into what can be the features that you should take care of in choosing the best IVF clinic in India: 

  • As a part of the investigation, you must visit the website of the clinic at first to check the details including address and pan India presence. 
  • Try to talk to any of the representatives of the clinic over the phone to get a preliminary idea
  • You can ask your friends and other people about the clinic, its service, doctors associated, success rate, etc. Even you can take help from infertility support groups also to get further information about the clinic. 
  • The success rate of any clinic is vital. You must check that in different ways. 
  • You must book a physical appointment for a consultation and should ask every question whatever comes to mind
  • You also need to find the best IVF doctor in Delhi who are reputed in IVF and have given birth to numerous babies in the past several years. 
Cost of IVF

For IVF you need to follow a certain process to have your baby, so you have to bear some extra penny in this process. It is a costly affair due to the medicines injected and for the entire process. However, some of the best IVF clinic in India have made it affordable and reliable for treatments. You can have a clear understanding from the clinic where you are planning to have your baby. But there are certain factors associated with IVF. The rate and complications depend heavily on the age of both men and women, the causes of infertility, and the types of treatment needed to have pregnancy. If all are normal and no special method is applied, naturally the cost will be lesser than in case of any complicated pregnancy. 


To date, IVF is the best alternative to normal pregnancy. If you are facing any complications, and still want to have a baby, then IVF has the highest success ratio. Millions of people across the world are availing this feature and babies are born without any complications. But, based on the process of IVF, it might be stressful in some cases. You must have a clear idea of IVF before undergoing the treatment. You should be aware of the procedures, risks, complications, and advantages of IVF. For this, the best is to consult any specialized consultant. 

Moreover, if you’re facing any infertility issues, Fertilityzilla is one of the best IVF clinic in India, that offers affordable treatment to patients. It is the one-stop solution to all your infertility-related issues, where the best IVF specialists are there to help you conceive a pregnancy successfully. For a consultation, call us at +91-888-206-7985 or mail us at

Frequently Asked Questions

Is India good for IVF treatment?

India is progressing exponentially in the medical sector. In every part of India, you will experience perfect treatment and quality service. The health care industry in India is one of the best. You can rely on any good IVF clinic to have your baby smoothly. 

What is the success rate of IVF in India?

Worldwide, the success rate of IVF is around 40%. In India, it is 30-35% which is a good one compared to the infrastructure it has against its foreign counterparts. Still, India is moving very fast in IVF treatments and millions of people are satisfied with the outcome. 

Why IVF is expensive?

The lengthy process has made IVF an expensive one. There are pre and post-phases which need to be taken care of without fail. The entire process is systematic and one must complete all the stages to get the best result. 

Is IVF safe for the mother?

IVF is completely safe for a woman. Generally, couples adopt IVF once the normal process fails. But they want to have a baby. Only risks are associated if the mother develops any complications suddenly due to any physical issues. Else, IVF is successful in most cases. 

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