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Aug 09, 2021

Mumbai has been a highly populous city for a decade. So, the percentage of couples not being able to become a parent is unexpectedly huge. A few big names are providing world-class medical assistance in Best IVF Centre in Mumbai. Usually, India has few big brand medical authorities having hospitals and their branches in different parts of India for various treatments. But for IVF, Mumbai is known to be the center of IVF, where people seek treatment with a high expectation. 

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The hospitals are the best in providing clinical assistance and provide extraordinary care, emergency services, and round-the-clock nursing facilities. These hospitals have modernized medical technology, research-based utilities, equipment, and outstanding infrastructure for the patients coming from worldwide. 

Why do people around the world seek the best IVF centers with the highest success rate in Mumbai?

There are world-renowned hospitals and doctors with the best assistance; couples and families look for the best IVF centre in Mumbai; you know why? It is because Mumbai has the best IVF centers with the highest success rate. Couples facing challenges in conceiving or not getting pregnant are turning towards IVF. The reason for choosing IVF is the success rate of becoming a parent through IVF. No doubt, IVF has encouraged families worldwide to dream of bearing a child and enjoy parenthood. 

Nowadays, couples waiting or trying to be a parent or having complications in pregnancy take it on a serious note. Without any delay, they move out for the best treatments. For such crucial cases as regular miscarriages, pregnancy failures, hormonal imbalance, or ongoing long-term treatments, get the best IVF center with the highest success rate in Mumbai.

Significance of Best IVF Clinic and their Specialization  

Families willing to conceive or have a baby never compromise for treatment. But what they wish is an excellent team to ensure them for a proper diagnosis. The couples are looking for the right doctor to know why they cannot have a child. And once they realize the issues, they are ready to undergo the treatment. Couples choose IVF as the best option for fertility treatment just for being a parent of their child. The development of infertility treatment has introduced IVF that is very popular in couples having fertility issues. The centers have modern IVF facilities engrossed with the latest research and modern technology that raise the expectancy of parenthood worldwide.

List of the Best IVF Centre in Mumbai

IVF centers in different parts of Mumbai comprise Andheri, Mahim, Malad, etc.

  1. Saraogi IVF IRIS Fertility Hospital Mumbai (4.8 ratings) 

Saraogi Fertility has a subdivision IRIS for IVF specialized IVF treatment. The Saraogi fertility is known for Surrogacy and infertility treatments, the IRIS compliance with male/female fertility treatments. Peoples from across the world move to Mumbai for surrogacy and IVF treatment at Saraogi IRIS IVF center. Significantly lesser people know that Mumbai is a hub for the best IVF centers in India. The long desiring couples for bearing a child choose to be a part of Saraogi for their advanced medical IVF treatment and other policies.

The Saraogi IRIS IVF centers are located in Malad West, Andheri West, Ghatkopar East, & Mulund west. 

A brief go through over the Saraogi IRIS IVF commendations:

  • The excellent success rate of Surrogacy and IVF
  • Affordable and see-through prices 
  • More than 600 plus IVF pregnancies 
  • 38 Plus years of Experience 
  • 13 plus years of OBG experience
  • 80% surrogacy and 55% IVF success rate
  • Equipped with state of the art infrastructure
  • Team of leading Doctors, full-time consultants

Counting Awards:

  • 2017 award of best IVF centre in Mumbai, India
  • 2019 Times of India Health Icon Award for IVF 
  • 2019 Hindustan Times health icon of the year

The Saraogi IRIS IVF fertility center assures to be with you at every step towards your journey of being a parent. They value the faith, time, and dreams of their highly aspiring clients to have a child. With a sterling reputation, the IRIS IVF center provides the best infertility treatment in Mumbai since 1980. 

Saraogi IRIS IVF specialization:

  • Surrogacy under ICMR legal guidelines
  • IVF/IUI/ICSI treatments & infertility workup
  • Laser-assisted hatching & cryopreservation
  • Blastocyst culture, Laparoscopy & Hysteroscopy
  • Donor programs, Egg/embryo freezing
  • Male/female infertility and reproductive issues 
  • The panel of Expert IVF doctors and medical team
  • First free consultation and payment EMI facilities 
  • Book an Appointment at +91-8969340069

With years of unparalleled experience in IVF, including surrogacy, the IRIS IVF Saraogi has earned a reputation in IVF treatment. They have benchmarked successful stories in IVF in Mumbai. It offers an ultimate solution and quality treatment under their policies for infertility. At IRIS, a certified team of consultants and doctors work round the clock to make your dream of motherhood come true.   

  1. IVF Spring Fertility Centre in Mumbai (4.6 ratings)

Location: IIIrd Floor, Ernest Borges Road, Parel East Mumbai 

IVF Spring Fertility Center is one of the top hospitals for infertility treatment. It is developed with modern conveniences to provide a humble yet professional experience during IVF procedures. They are consistently working to overcome male and female infertility anomalies. From gynaecological treatment services to confidential IVF surgeries, they have par excellence in live birth rates. The success rate of IVF and test-tube babies has constantly risen from past years. The INF spring infertility Mumbai is committed and dedicated to making you believe in achieving parenthood. 

Brief go through over IVF Spring Fertility center:

  • Best known for individualized care and outstanding pregnancy rates
  • A core team of Expert doctors, supportive nursing staff, specialists, and counsellors 
  • Advanced fertility equipment, research-based therapies, and practices 
  • IVF for infertile couples, cervical polyps, IVM & AMH treatment,
  • Lowest rate in multiple birth rates in India (less than 1%) 
  • Affordable multiple IVF cycle plans, considerably for older age 
  • Book an Appointment at +91-8969340069

The best thing about IVF Spring Fertility center is they provide the best care and treatment at affordable rates. Patients and their families experience great convenience during the IVF treatment period. No Doubt, the IVF Spring fertility center has an excellent infrastructure and medical services by which they entertain patients worldwide. 

Specifications of IVF Spring Fertility center:

  • Ovarian stimulation & egg retrieval
  • Eggs/embryo donor programs/
  • Frozen embryo transfer, TESA/MESA/ICSI/IUI/IVF
  • Advanced team and infrastructure if compared worldwide 
  • Affordable IFV Surgeries and Surrogacy in India
  • Couple fertility test, ovulation induction, Donor/Self IUI
  • Egg/Embryo/Sperm Freezing facilities, and cryopreservation
  • Genetic counselling and consultation, semen Analysis 
  • Pre-Genetic implantation, Implantation genetic diagnosis, surgery

The best team of female doctors is treating patients for IVF. An expert IVF team of fertility specialists is assisting the IVF Spring fertility center. The best IVF center contributes to making Mumbai the hub of medical tourism. 

  1. Zoi Fertility Clinic in Mumbai (4.6-star rating)

Zoi Fertility is one of the best IVF centre in Mumbai led by Dr. Yahsodra Mahtre, who has undergone the pain and curiosities of experiencing motherhood. The team of doctors at Zoi IVF is well trained. They understand the importance of becoming a parent. The Mumbai-based Zoi fertility and IVF center is known for its comprehensive services for IVF and Surrogacy globally. 

They had a broad perception of infertility as they believe infertility is not a disability. So Zoi IVF helps you conceive and choose the best treatment in the process of making babies.

Brief go through over Zoi infertility center:

  • Best in postpartum deliveries
  • Working under the mentorship of Dr. Yashodara Mahtre
  • Transplants and complementary deficiency 
  • Making pregnancy possible during Kidney Issues
  • Personally driven best IVF centre in Mumbai
  • Eggs Donation program for India and abroad
  • Latest technology based treatment for IVF 
  • Supportive staff and empathetic consultants 
  • Book an Appointment at +91-8969340069

In contributing to the IVF industry, the team of Zoi has given iconic surgeries and comprehensive IVF treatments. Their reflective diagnosis made fertility possible by eggs retrieval and embryo transfer even at the age of 42. They have done complex surgeries for Low AMH through frozen semen and safely completed ICSI. Done IVF cases for international clients through IVM cycle, Primary pulmonary Hypertension, Paraplegia, Ovarian Translocation, male infertility, C2 complement deficiency, developed cardiomyopathy, etc.   

IVF services and specializations

  • Fertility Evaluation, IUI/IVF/ICSI treatment
  • Donor Egg IVF, Frozen Embryo Transfers
  • Blastocyst Transfers, Complement Therapies
  • Surrogacy, Egg freezing, Male infertility treatments 
  • Postpartum IVF and surrogacy Program  
  • Reversal Procedures, Sperm Test & Program 
  • IUI with partner sperm 

The Zoi fertility team of specialists has done unmatchable surgeries and earned great recommendations worldwide. They provide exceptional testicle biopsy, TESA/MESA/ Laparoscopy, Hysteroscopy, and other IVF surgeries. You can contact Fertilityzilla for further assistance in this regard.  

  1. Mumbai fertility clinic & IVF center (4.5 ratings)

Mumbai fertility clinic & IVF center, led by Dr. Jatin Shah, was established in 1994, April. Mumbai fertility clinic & IVF center is one of the oldest groups claiming 27 Plus years of innovative experience. Almost successfully running one of the best IVF centre in Mumbai, the Mumbai fertility clinic & IVF center welcomes patients from worldwide. Mumbai fertility clinic & IVF center promises to offer you the latest assistance and advice for IVF. Dr. Shah is a leading gynaecologist and pioneer at ART, 90% of infertility problems, and quality IVF treatments.  

Brief go through over Mumbai fertility clinic & IVF center:

  • Internationally trained team of IVF specialists a
  • 1000 plus successful treatments 
  • Well known for cost-effective repetitive IVF cycles
  • Oocyte and ovarian tissue freezing program
  • 90% successful rate in 3 attempts of repeated IVF
  • Latest IMSI involved IVF labs, assisted laser hatching

They had successfully achieved hormone therapies at the initial stage of the IVF procedure. Mumbai fertility clinic & IVF center preferred stress-free IVF treatment under research labs, modern operation techniques, and services. With a brilliant infrastructure, Mumbai fertility clinic & IVF center offers convenient and cost-effective IVF services and other reproductive resolutions. 

IVF Services and specializations:

  • Embryo scope, endometriosis, treating Repeated IVF failures 
  • Tubal blockage treatment, fibroids, poor ovarian reserve, embryo pooling
  • Egg freezing, fertility preservation in cancer patients
  • Male infertility treatment, Sperm retrieval, and genetic testing
  • PCOD/PCOS, mild and standard Ovarian stimulation
  • IMIS/IUI/IVF/ICSI/PICSI and Laparoscopic & hysteroscopy surgeries
  • Egg/semen donation, blastocyst culture, & ovarian rejuvenation, etc.


  • FOGSI Young Scientist Award, 1998.>
  • MD Gold Medal – First in Maharashtra.
  • Outstanding Young Person of the Year, 2003.
  • First IVF & ICSI pregnancies of Kerala State.
  • First IVF & ICSI pregnancies of UP State.
  • Dr. V.H. Mujumdar Award.
  • CU Shah Gold Medal.
  • Dr. B.N. Purandare Gold Medal for DGO.
  • Dr. Adi Dastur Gold Medal for DGO.

The Mumbai fertility clinic & IVF center has been running for more than 27 years providing conventional IVF treatment. Singly owned IVF Group India carried out IVF treatments successfully in India and abroad. With a 50 % live birth rate. 

  1. Jaslok Hospital Mumbai (4.2 rating)

The IVF department of Jaslok Hospital Mumbai is known for specialized fertility services across Mumbai and other cities of India. The Jaslok Hospital Mumbai promises to provide high-quality fertility treatment cost-effectively with total transparency. The medical team works hard to fulfil its vision of best-in-class in the fertility sector.

A brief go through over the successful IVF rate of Jaslok Hospital Mumbai:

  • 12000 plus successful cases of IVF pregnancies
  • Experienced IVF specialists and nursing staff 
  • Best Personalised treatment plans
  • Research-based diagnosis and treatments
  • Highly equipped clinics and ancillaries  
  • Best-quality infrastructure and medical services
  • Cost-Effective medical plans and services

At Jaslok Hospital Mumbai, the assigned doctor will first analyze the factors for having IVF. Before putting into IVF, the doctor will consider your age, medical history, reproductive & genetic issues, past surgeries & long illness, (any) chronic disorders, and your lifestyle. 

Jaslok Hospital Mumbai specialization

  • Includes IVF, IUI, and ICSI counselling services
  • Endoscopy, Andrology, and Embryoscopy
  • Infertility assessment, sperm/egg donation
  • Reproductive and genetic treatments
  • Vitrification, Blastocyst culture, etc.

Jaslok Hospital Mumbai prevails in female infertility, male infertility, cyst, other genetic disorders, and other reproductive issues. Patients looking for IVF can call for an appointment or contact them online to fix a visit. For more information, visit the official site to know other details and success stories of IVF. 

Best IVF Doctors in Mumbai

If we talk about in-person the best IVF Dr in Mumbai, India, we will find some of the leading names serving in the IVF industry. The leading IVF doctors are best known for their services, diagnosis, and treatment facilities. They are privileged in providing the best IVF services and convenient infrastructure that makes Mumbai the best place for medical tourism. In recent years Mumbai is emerged as medical tourism in India compared to other major cities of India, providing medical facilities. 

Especially in cases of successful IVF and test-tube babies, doctors and fertility experts had gain par values. The couples and families from India and abroad move towards Mumbai, seeking the best IVF and affordable surrogacy treatment. In India, Mumbai has put a benchmark globally in providing the best medical facilities in every aspect of treatment. 

The top IVF doctors believe that infertility is not an inability, so they practice, discuss, and approach research-based treatment. Their constant assistance and treatment have made it possible for thousands of couples in India and abroad to have a child.

In the light of modernized infertility treatments, some doctors have contributed years of their life to make it possible for infertile parents. We at Fertilityzilla provide a platform for patients facing infertility. In collaboration with top fertility centres and best doctors in Mumbai, including several other places in India, we bring you the best fertility treatments in an attempt to fulfil your dream of parenthood. 

Below are some notable names, their achievement, and the work scenario of leading IVF Doctors in Mumbai.

Let’s have a quick review of it:

1) Dr. Mohit Saraogi, Saraogi Fertility IVF Hospital, Mumbai

One of the top IVF and Fertility doctors, Dr. Mohit Saraogi, is a specialist in Gynaecology, Obstetrics, and clinical embryology. Later he fledged his M.D. in reproductive medicine and practiced for years in KEM and S.G.Medical college. He is skilled in modern techniques of IVF while working or back from 13 years. Other than IVF, Dr.Mohit Saraogi also has expertise in infertility treatments like IUI, ICSI, and IMSI. With a phenomenal success rate of over 45 % that is more than average has successfully treated more than 7000+ patients all over from India and overseas. 

Dr. Mohit Saraogi: Specialisations and Services

  • Reputed Member of the federation of obstetrics & gynecological societies of India
  • 2019-20 award for best IVF specialist in India
  • Laparoscopic and Hysteroscopic treatment & surgeries
  • Specialist in Surrogacy and test-tube baby with 98% success rate 
  • Infertility Evaluation/ Treatment, Episiotomy, Salpingectomy 
  • Normal/Critical vaginal deliveries, cesarean section
  • Recommended by patients from India and Abroad
  • Book an Appointment at +91-8969340069

With the highest success rate in Surrogacy, Dr.Mohit Saraogi is honored for his prestigious work and contribution to the IVF industry. His achievements include his published research papers on IVF cases in international indexed journals and national journals. The empathetic behavior of Dr. Mohit is the core strength of his interaction with his clients. He takes every single couple and his queries seriously and encourages them to follow the proper guidelines during the treatment.   

2) Dr. Anjali Ajit Deval

Dr. Anjali Deval is another reputed name among the best IVF doctors in Mumbai. She is the director of IVF Spring Fertility clinic. She is a fertility expert with experience of 15 years and more and still counting on. The Spring IVF clinic has constantly achieved remarkable recognition under her mentoring. Earlier she gained her expertise while working with leading hospitals like Fortis, Metropolis Healthcare, Hiranandani Hospital of Mumbai.

Specialization and services of Dr. Anjali Deval

  • Specialized in dilation and curettage, IVF, IUI, IMSI
  • Normal vaginal deliveries, abdominal deliveries
  • IVF & Fertility Management, polycystic ovarian,
  • Recurrent miscarriages, premature ovarian failure
  • Early menopause and other male/female infertility
  • Clinical egg freezing/ fertility/semen preservation
  • Book an Appointment at +91-8969340069

Writing research papers, she advises fertility and conceiving issues. With the utmost experience in reproductive treatment and medicine, she gained popularity working for the last 15 years. She is a member of FOGSI and won many awards during her career.

3) Dr. Yashodhara Mahtre Zoi Fertility Clinic 

A big name in IVF and Fertility treatment in Mumbai, Dr. Yashodhara Mahtre, is a specialist in Endocrinology, Gynecology, obstetrics, and general infertility issues. She has served the IVF industry for 22 years and is still on. The doctor herself faced infertility and experienced the aspects of infertility. 

She bagged the 2019 National fertility award India and initiated Zoi Fertility, Surrogacy India, Egg Donor India, to accelerate the fertility treatment in India. She gave hope to many couples by dealing with more than 2000 couples worldwide.     

Specialization and services specialized by Dr. Yashodhara Mahtre

  • Renowned Fertility physician and consultant
  • Keen diagnosis, quality fertility treatment
  • Member of Reproductive Medicine at FOGSI, ASRM & ISAR 
  • Founder of Surrogacy India & Zoi Fertility Centre
  • IVF, assisted hatching, egg/sperm collection
  • Semen analysis, IUI/IMSI/ICSI/fallopian tube disorders
  • Assisted Reproductive techniques/Endometriosis/PCOS
  • Best fertility technologies and modern equipment
  • Book an Appointment at +91-8969340069

She aims to provide high-quality, affordable treatment to each couple seeking parenthood. From fertility evaluation to IUI treatment, she takes every step when it comes to her profession. Apart from females, she also provides treatments for male infertility. She is an expert at embryo transfer and carried out many successful surrogacies in India. She has delivered more than 600 babies with a 68% success rate in IVF and Surrogacy in India and overseas. 

4) Dr. Firuza Parekh Jaslok Hospital Mumbai

Dr.Firuza Parikh specialized in IVF/ART/ICSI/ is best known for Surrogacy, pre-implantation, and Genetic screening. She is an expert in male infertility, reproduction & genetics. She successfully achieved PGD pregnancy in India. 

Specialization & Services in the account of Dr. Firuza Parikh:

  • The first laser-assisted hatching and TESA pregnancies in India
  • She is editor in chief, fertility, and sterility Indian Edition
  • Board Member of Fertility and Sterility USA
  • First South-Asia ICSI baby & 1995 Ratna Shiromani Award
  • First private IVF hospital in India 1989, Mumbai
  • More than 30 years of work in IVF and infertility  
  • Treatment for Ovarian cyst, uterine Fibroids, Prolapse pelvic organ
  • Gynecological cancers, Vulva conditions, menopause, etc

One of the youngest IVF doctors in India who established the very first PVT. IVF center Fertiltree, branch IVF center at Jaslok, Mumbai. She is an expert in IVF diagnosis, genetics, and infertility issues. Director/M.D./Diplomate with 30 years of significant years of experience, Dr.Parikh perceives a humble nature and well relates with the couples infertility issues and tries to comfort them with her best treatment procedures.    

5) Dr. Jatin shah Mumbai Fertility Clinic & IVF center

The best Obstetrician and Gynaecologist of Mumbai are expert Gynae/Director of Mumbai Fertility Clinic and IVF centre. Well-renowned in India and abroad, for their specialized reproductive assistance fertility management. He has earned great honor, and now he is invited to offer workshops, lectures worldwide. To achieve successful pregnancies and treatment, he is named “IVF Commando” for making couples have a child. Dr. Jatin’s expertise in IVF has gifted motherhood in more than 30 countries worldwide. Dr. Shah is the founder member of ASPIRE and remains in highlight for his IVF achievements.

Mumbai-based TOP IVF doctor Dr. Shah provides an article for the Mumbai fertility clinic. Consultants and other specialists offer support & counseling during and after treatment. A team of 30 specialists works for MFC which includes, nurses, counselors, and scientists.

Services provided by Dr. Jatin Shah Fertility IVF center:

  • Common Diagnosis, IUI, IVF, ICSI
  • Transvaginal Ultrasonography, Ovulation Induction, 
  • Cytoplasmic Sperm injection, therapeutic insemination
  • Oocyte & Sperm donation, Fertility Preservation
  • Surrogacy, PESA/TESA/Tubal factor infertiity
  • Male/Female infertility, verification,
  • Laparoscopy & Hysteroscopy 

The IVF procedures done by Dr. Jatin Shah have an average rate of 60-65% in most IVF cases and other infertility treatments. And this is a privileged record in the name of Dr. Shah and their fertility team experts. He has bagged several awards and honors for treating couples for infertility in his medical career. 

 At Mumbai IVF Fertility center, the success rate for IVF is 50% and 60% for Surrogacy all over Mumbai. Dr. Shah has given treatment to Indian celebrities as well, which is also an honor in itself. Many patients from India and abroad have given testimony to Dr. shah and the hospitality of their team and specialist.

6) Dr. Aniruddha Malpani, Malpani Infertility clinic-Mumbai

Dr. Aniruddha Malpani, the fertility specialist, ranks on top in the IVF fertility center in Mumbai. He holds expertise and years of experience in IVF and surrogacy services. In addition to this, Malpani Fertility clinic offers embryo freezing, egg/sperm donation, laser-assisted hatching, and a lot more. 

He has completed his education in MBBS from Bombay university 1986 and later ended with M.D. in Obstetrics and gynecology. Dr. Malpani has given tremendous successful IVF and IUI procedures at the Malpani IVF center. His specialty and success has fetched clients from different part of India and world. 

What Makes Dr. Malpani IVF center the best IVF centre in Mumbai

  • 300 IVF cycles are successfully done annually 
  • The Malpani IVF clinic is running since 1991
  • Egg Donations/Embryo Adoption/Infertility testing
  • Treating Male/Female Infertility abnormalities
  • Treating failed IVF cycles and pregnancy challenges

The humble nature and affordable prices make the IVF center the best choice over other IVF centers in Mumbai. Affordable consultations, treatment costs, and other cost-effective IVF services provide a wide range to patients. The best thing about Dr. Malpani is he and his wife, Dr. Anjali Malpani, personally done all the embryo transfer, ultrasound scans, IUI, and ICSI cases. 

With his incredible insights, he helps couples to get babies through the latest IVF technology. His aim is to focus on the proper diagnosis and selecting the right IVF procedure or treatment. His mission is to bring most IVF-related tests and treatments under one roof to increase the convenience for patients

Best IVF centre in Mumbai

If you are in Mumbai or anywhere in other parts of India or the world, check out for Best IVF center near me or Navi mumbai, or even the best IVF center in thane to look out for the best option for yourself. Because Mumbai is thriving as Medical tourism in India and a hub for successfully running IVF centers, you may find a lot many options to help you efficiently in your journey. You may reach the experienced doctors and IVF specialists near you in Mumbai by searching online. Many consultancy and agencies are working 24/7 to help you reach out for regular diagnosis and medical emergencies in finding the best IVF center in Mumbai. Fertilityzilla is one such platform that provides the best IVF treatment to patients in collaboration with top fertility clinics and doctors in India. 

If you wish to book your appointments and get the best fertility treatment services, Fertilityzilla is there to serve you. To contact us email at or call us at +918969340069.

IVF cost in Mumbai

The cost of IVF varies as per the IVF center and services. But the average cost of IVF ranges between 80000-1.2 lacs per case. This price differs as per other IVF treatments and services offered by fertility centers. The cost of other fertility treatments differs from IVF cost. Please go to the online portal to know the actual budget for IVF treatment from the best IVF Centre in Mumbai. Also, can hike the cost due to high-quality infrastructure and VIP Medical services. 


All aforementioned services and understandings for the Best IVF centre in Mumbai are best to my knowledge. The details listed above are for your brief understanding. Kindly visit official sites for booking appointments and further discussion. 


Why is India the first choice for IVF worldwide?

Approximately 40 % crowd worldwide rush to India and prefer infertility treatment at affordable costs. The suitable environmental conditions and personalized care entice prominent couples to move to India for their infertility treatment. 

Which IVF clinic has the highest success rate?   

According to CDC ranking CISION, U.S. is ranked as the best IVF Clinic with the highest success rate with 75%. They have helped couples from more than 20 countries to conceive and experience parenthood with a successful IVF. 

How do I choose the best IVF Centre in India?   

To choose the best IVF centre in Mumbai or any place in India, just search the team of doctors, their specialization, and success rate of IVF pregnancy, live birth rate, and test-tube babies. Other than the success IVF rate, check out their history and successful cases and testimony. 

Who is the best IVF doctor in India?       

Dr. Sunita Tandulwarkar has the highest success rate in Gynae, Infertility, and IVF, the best IVF doctor in India. 1.2 lakh patients connected, successful 25K+ infertility treatment record, and 24/7 personalized care make her the best IVF Doctor in India. 

Who is the best Gynaecologist in India? 

Dr. Dinesh Kansal, Delhi-India, is ranked as the best Gynaecologist in India. There are many top doctors in Gynae, but Sr. Dinesh Kansal is best known for dealing with successful surgeries and medical services in Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

How much does IVF cost India? 

The average cost of IVF in India ranges from 2.5 lac to 4.5 lac per cycle. It may differ according to hospitals and their services.

References –

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