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Aug 05, 2021

Today, IVF has become a preferable option for all who are unable to getting pregnant naturally. However, before undergoing the IVF procedure, one has to find the best IVF center, like, for instance, the best IVF centre in South Delhi

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For this, you need to dedicate your valuable time to research and consider a few essential points. You have to take help from both online and offline sources to choose the right IVF clinic for your treatment. 

Overview of IVF

IVF is a type of ART procedure, and it combines an egg with sperm in a glass, i.e., outside of the patient’s body. During the complete process, doctors stimulate and monitor the ovulation process of a woman. 

In other words, an IVF doctor removes eggs from the ovary of a woman and allows the collected sperm to fertilize them in a liquid. The fertilized egg or zygote will undergo embryo culture for 2 days to 6 days. Later, the embryologist will transfer the embryo to the uterus of the same or any other woman to achieve a successful pregnancy. 

Common Reasons to Undergo IVF

Couples may think to use IVF treatment for many reasons. However, a few of them are related to the health of your partner or you, which include the following-

  • If the male partner has a low or zero sperm count 
  • If you have ovulation problems because of polycystic ovary syndrome or anything similar 
  • When you have issues with the fallopian tubes, say blocked fallopian tubes 
  • If you or your partner is sterile 
  • If you are a patient of endometriosis 
  • If either of you has a hereditary disorder and you both do not want it to pass on to your kids. 

Factors to Select the Best IVF Center in Delhi

IVF Clinic and their Offered Services 

Are you searching for the best IVF centre in West Delhi or other areas of Delhi? You must collect information about the IVF clinic and its offered services. For this, discuss with everyone you met with such experience. Never forget to take suggestions from previous IVF patients to select a center. 

You should also visit your nearby hospital to get a close look. One should check the lab facility, equipment used, treatment facilities, and other relevant resources of a center. Once you get enough satisfaction with treatment facilities, you gain confidence related to further procedures.  

Whether the Clinic Reports to SART

SART is the short form of the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology. It gives unbiased information and has previously set standards for various fertility treatments, including IVF. SART maintains a track of various pregnancy rates from different IVF clinics operating in India and publishes them on its official website. 

IVF centers sharing their results with SART are committed and trustworthy ones. They only highlight the truth to their existing patients and prospects. An easy tip to check and shortlist IVF centers from SART is to check different factors instead of only the total live birth success rate. Accordingly, you have to check the age of women, compare the exact number of IVF cycles and success percentage. 

Other Queries Related to IVF Clinic and IVF Doctors

Patients seeking IVF treatment must resolve their following queries to select the Best IVF doctor in Delhi NCR.  

Cut Off for IVF Treatment and FSH Levels

In most cases, the success of an IVF cycle depends on the age of a woman. Young women have a higher potential to produce quality eggs. Moreover, good IVF clinics consider a cut-off related to FSH levels, as it determines the number of oocytes or premature eggs. 

Venue for Preliminary Tests/Procedures

Both female and male partners have to undergo specific tests and procedures before the doctor starts IVF treatment. In this situation, you have to ask about the types of procedures or tests in advance. Simultaneously, you must confirm that a clinic has its onsite lab so that you do not have to go anywhere else.   

Pre-genetic and Pre Implantation Genetic Screening Tests 

Testing is a crucial factor in determining whether an IVF center is state-of-the-art and modern or not. You must make sure that your clinic provides a pre-genetic test. The best IVF Dr in Delhi administers pre-genetic tests during your initial examinations phase. 

The test determines whether a patient has cystic fibrosis, sickle cell anemia, or any other type of genetic mutation. Secondly, a few doctors recommend pre-implantation genetic screening. The screening determines the safety of the embryos formed from the IVF process based on biopsies. 

Simultaneously, screening is essential to determine the total number of chromosomes. Along with this, pre-implantation genetic screening exposes any potential abnormality in your chromosome. Each of these details helps your embryologist and doctor to select the best embryo to transfer, while being in the best IVF centre in Delhi. 

Onsite Andrology and Embryology Labs

A few of the small IVF and fertility centers have separate Andrology and Embryology labs onsite. One should make sure that the clinic uses the highest possible quality control standards in their labs. For this, you must ask a few questions, such as.

  • Where is the location of andrology and/or embryology labs?
  • How do you transfer embryos, samples, and other similar types of items between two different labs? 
  • What type and level of quality control procedures do you consider to avoid anything wrong?

You should never hesitate to ask such questions. When you have the correct answers, you feel comfortable in every aspect of your IVF treatment. 

Other than this, you have to know the activities in the andrology and embryology labs. As the name itself, the embryology lab is the center where the formation of embryos takes place. Here, embryos are formed via egg and sperm fertilization. 

The lab is also responsible for nurturing and preparation to transfer embryos. Andrology lab experts are responsible for collecting the sperm. The lab experts also analyze and prepare the sperm for IUIs. Alternatively, the andrology lab transfers the sperm to an embryology lab to obtain egg fertilization. 

Options Related to Surrogacy or Donor

Next, you have to know the options related to surrogacy or donor available to you. Accordingly, you must know whether your clinic conducts a donor program on its own or use any agency. If a clinic has a separate donor program, one has to see the resource of the donors. 

Besides, you must make sure your selected clinic provides embryo donation. If you have the willingness to donate your leftover embryos, you must know the clinic’s action. You have to know whether your chosen clinic donates the left embryos to any other infertile couple or simply to science. 

List of Procedures before IVF 

A few IVF centers ask you to undergo ovarian stimulation treatment via oral drugs or injections before going to IVF. Other IVF centers provide a few additional treatment options before they recommend pursuing IVF. These include intrauterine insemination, timed intercourse, surrogacy, and various cryopreservation options. 

During the initial consultation phase, your fertility team and/or doctor must know your story before they suggest any diagnostic process. In most cases, IVF doctors start your initial treatment with IUI or timed intercourse. These options consist of a medication protocol to help in ovulation trigger and egg production. 

Depending on the outcome, the doctor and other experts of the entire fertility team will step ahead for the IVF procedure. If you search for IVF treatment, you should never miss this aspect while finding an IVF center or IVF doctor.  

Amount of Embryos Carried in a Single Cycle 

While looking for the best IVF centre in East Delhi or other areas, you must know the number of embryos transferred by your doctor in one cycle. If your age is less than 35 years and you have a good prognosis, your doctor will recommend transferring a single embryo in one cycle.  

If your age is between 35 years and 37 years and has a good prognosis, you can transfer only two embryos. Women up to 40 years may transfer three embryos in one cycle. Other than this, for women up to 45 years, doctors recommend transferring only 5 embryos. However, if your doctor has to transfer embryos at your blastocyst stage, he/she will transfer a few embryos in only one cycle. 

Embryos Cryopreservation

Embryo cryopreservation forms a vital part of an IVF program, while choosing the best IVF centre in Delhi. The method eliminates the need for a second or third IVF cycle. Instead, it gives a second chance to conceive in the later years if your IVF first cycle fails. 

You have to know whether your chosen IVF center and its lab facilities provide embryos cryopreservation facilities or not. Embryo cryopreservation refers to the process of storing and freezing any extra embryo. Later, your IVF doctor will thaw and use the frozen embryos in upcoming cycles. 

Frozen Embryo Transfer 

Similar to embryo cryopreservation, the best IVF center in Delhi gives the facility of frozen embryo transfer. This refers to the process of utilizing any frozen embryo from the previous IVF cycle. This method has gained popularity because of its pregnancy success rates and safety. For this procedure, a woman has to undergo her standard IVF process. 

However, in this case, the doctor will freeze the eggs for future usage rather than transferring embryos back into the uterus. Women may freeze their eggs or may use donor eggs. IVF doctor will transfer the eggs in the upcoming IVF cycle. In this way, a woman recovers from her existing IVF cycle to reduce her de-synchronization effect. 

Single Provider Vs. Multi-provider Physicians 

Patients who want to go with IVF treatment must decide whether they go with a single provider or multi-provider physician. Each aspect has pros and cons both. However, the selection depends on your individual choice and the comfort factor. In the case of a small practice, you and your doctor will know one another well, and you feel individualized. In contrast, you may get inconvenient appointment times. 

In multiple providers in large practices, you will get a convenient appointment time and office site. Even you get a team of medical practitioners to look at your case. However, the problem of large and multiple-practice is that you get a new doctor to deal with your case almost every time.  

Success Rate 

Whenever you check the list of the best IVF centre in Delhi, you must consider the success rate of the IVF clinic. Luckily, you get this information from various reliable websites.  However, the question is how to determine a clinic’s success rate in IVF. For this, you have to ensure that the clinic has a higher success rate than the national average. 

Moreover, you should check both the pregnancy statistics and live birth statistics according to your age. If possible, you must compare multiple statistics related to pregnancy with the national average. Along with this, you must best IVF centre in Delhi reviews online to narrow down your search results quickly.

Costs Involved in IVF Procedure 

According to the data related to IVF center in Delhi cost, IVF treatment procedure cost ranges from Rs 60,000 to Rs 80,000. The cost includes hormone injections, prescribed medications, and other drugs. However, many couples have to spend up to 5 lakhs on their treatment. 

Both women and men have to undergo various other tests and treatments before the actual process. The list of tests and treatments before the IVF procedure depends on the fertility level and medical history. 

Health Insurance Facility 

The overall cost of various diagnostic or treatment procedures reduces a lot if you have a health insurance scheme covering IVF treatment. You must make sure that your health insurance deals with IVF and its preliminary treatments. 

Health insurance is helpful for many couples to give birth to babies with IVF treatment. Simultaneously, your insurance policy must cover the necessary fertility diagnostic procedures. A few of the health insurance companies have doctors to guide you regarding your treatment procedures. 

Excellence Centers 

Excellence centers refer to treatment centers, which exceed enough expertise, provide successful outcomes and ensure effective patient management. This type of certification to practice as an IVF doctor is a highly sought-after one. Moreover, the excellence centers’ certificate has a proven record of accomplishment related to high performance. 


Pursuing in vitro fertilization type of fertility treatment is a big step. It requires giving a large sum of money and dedicating many hours. You have to select the best one for your treatment. While talking of the best, we should say that your selected IVF center is subjective and personal. 

The best center or doctor for your friend may not necessarily be the best one for you. Hence, you must discuss with your doctor, friends, insurance companies, and valuable resources to get valuable recommendations. Irrespective of the steps you take, you should never forget to investigate IVF centers in your area in detail. 


How much does IVF cost in Delhi?

The overall cost of IVF in Delhi depends on various factors, like your infertility duration, the location of your infertility clinic, and the experience of the best IVF specialists. The average cost of IVF in Delhi for one cycle is between Rs 80,000 and Rs 1 30,000. 

How do I choose the best IVF Centre in India?

You have to consider four different parameters to choose the best IVF center in India. These include your IVF clinic and the offered services, its previous record, and success rate. You also have to check the cost factor and your health insurance policy. 

What is the cost of IVF in India IVF?

The cost of IVF treatment in India may go up to Rs 2 50,000 for the complete process. This will range from highly expensive to a few average ones. The amount mentioned here suits upper middle class and middle-class families of India. 

What is the best age for IVF?

IVF never fixes the age of your embryos or eggs. Hence, the procedure is successful for women starting from 20 years of age to the early 30s. The success rate of IVF will start declining steadily once a woman exceeds her middle 30s. 

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