How to Get Pregnant With Poor Sperm Morphology?

Male Infertility

Dr. Suman

Aug 06, 2021

In today’s scenario, medical science and medicine have progressed beyond expectations. Men are usually concerned about how to get pregnant with poor sperm morphology? Technology and computer science have remarkably changed the whole scenario of medical treatments. Whether it is sperm morphology, sperm abnormalities, pregnancy failures, or any type of fertility challenges in males or females, advanced medical technology has vividly made sperm morphology and fertility possible nowadays.  Couples stressed about getting a child can now expect to be a parent for sure.  

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Firstly sperm morphology is entirely about male fertility. Getting pregnant or how to get pregnant with poor sperm morphology is a matter of concern for most people. There is a lot of misconception to clear for sperm morphology. For now, if sperm morphology is an issue for not getting parents, then it could be corrected through proper treatment and medication. Couples expecting pregnancy faces a lot of issues and stress if they encounter poor sperm morphology. But, in the advanced age of technology, couples can undoubtedly achieve parenting.

Sperm Morphology Meaning

The appearance of sperm with its perfect size, shape,and count defines sperm morphology. The ideal sperm count ranges between 4-14% out of semen assessment. Typically, the sperm morphology varies as per different lab observations. But the strict Kruger morphology recommends that 14% and more sperm morphology records to normal morphology. If the percentage is below 5%, then it indicates poor sperm morphology or fertility in males. The sperm morphology range between 4-14% is counted averagely well for fertility. 

Apart from this, the size and shape of sperm affect the penetration of the egg. Low sperm morphology may also cause hardships in conceiving and getting pregnant. No doubt if your partner is not able to conceive, then poor sperm morphology or abnormal morphology could be a reason for sure. Examining the morphology of sperm is completed under the microscope. The head size and shape of the sperm are essential factors in penetrating eggs. And any abnormality can affect fertility in males. 

What is Sperm, and How is it Released Through the Male Body?

In the general course, the sperms are the reproductive cells formed during ejaculation in a male body. It secretes from the male body during intercourse (sex) or ejaculation. Mainly the secretion of sperm is controlled by hormones *testosterone. The testicles in the scrotum below the penis in the male body release sperm that travels through vas deferens from the seminal vesicle. At the time of ejaculation, the sperm binds up with the prostate release and forms semen. And finally, it is released from the penis at the peak of ejaculation. 

High Sperm Count but Low Morphology

Urological science refers to semen analysis to understand the concept of High sperm count but low morphology. Also, not everyone follows the same theories of low sperm morphology in a global scenario. The different medical teams rely upon their observations and examining results. 

The fertility specialists don’t force their observations and results, especially for semen analysis and its result. According to various lab tests and their results, the semen behaviour differs from one man to another. Not every male will have the same sperm count and appearance as per their physicality. Also, they found the hormones, fertility range, and other elements are not the same in semen. 

But averagely, most of the males’ semen ranges from 4-14% healthy ratio of sperm morphology.More of the sperms are not well in shape and size to penetrate eggs. And this is quite normal in males that indicate that low morphology is not a severe issue for childbearing.

There is an essential aspect of sperm morphology that highlights that the sperm count of a person is not the same everyday. Same sperm tested in different labs shows confronting results. Low sperm concentration remarks that poor or low morphology is not a chronic aspect of infertility in males. Many researched medications and therapy can best treat male infertility and improve the possibilities of becoming a parent. 

Let’s analyze semen & its elements.

Semen Analysis and its Elements

Semen analysis is a process to check male fertility. Some testing is needed to check the elements of male semen, their properties, amount of release, performance, and impacts for observation. To know thoroughly about male fertility or semen analysis, we must go deeper into Urology (male fertility science). Many reasons affect male fertility, but the essential elements are likewise. Let’s have a look!

Factors Affecting Semen 

  1. Sperm Count (volume): More than 15 million sperms in every ml of semen are counted normal.  And this is a sign of healthy semen. 
  2. Sperm Movement (motility): On average, most sperms have less motility, and some are off. And this is quite normal in the male body. 
  3. Semen morphology (shape): It refers to an ideal sperm morphology with oval heads with trailing tails.  

Other vital elements like the colour of semen, gluiness, concentration, and progression are characteristics of semen. Poor sperm morphology highly affects penetration in eggs. For that, it concludes to delayed pregnancy or problems in conceiving. 

Usually, healthy semen is white and thick; if semen is overly translucent, different in colour than usual, or presence of shreds, it is considered too unhealthy sperm morphology. The formation and delivery of normal sperm refer to healthy sperm morphology.

Infertility In Men

Infertility in men can be from different sperm disorders. In an average scenario,3:1 cases of failure of female partner pregnancies aredue to male infertility. Infertility in males occurs due to unusual discharge of semen or unhealthy sperm production.

Signs of Poor Sperm Morphology are

  • Size and shape defects in sperms
  • Defected head of sperms(Missing or thrashed)
  • Defect in sperm tails (short, broken, bent, or lost)
  • Multiple heads, Vacuoles in sperm head

Reasons for Male Infertility due to Poor Sperm Morphology

Male infertility can be due to poor sperm morphology, abnormal morphology, Low sperm counts,and genetic causes. Also,many external causesimpact sperm morphology in male fertility. Few are listed below:

  • Lack of sperm, or low sperm 
  • Obstruction (Blockage)
  • The temperature of the scrotum(overheating of testicles)
  • Imbalance in hormones(toxic releases)
  • Varicoceles (swelling in veins)
  • Regressive ejaculation
  • Male Immunologic infertility
  • Chromosomes and Genes

External Effect on Sperm Morphology

Many environmental and day-to-day causes harshly influence the male hormones. Furthermore, the increased level of stress, unwanted anxiety, depression, medication for chronic treatments or impairments, genetic factors may also affect the morphology.  

  • Genetic Abnormalities & chromosomal defects 
  • Effect of other medication or treatment 
  • Overuse of drugs, alcohol intake, smoking,
  • Overly stress or anxiety
  • Regular work stress
  • Exposure to environmental pollutants
  • Effect of radiation or chemical effects
  • Unhealthy eating habits, improper diet, insomnia 

How to Correct Sperm Morphology

There are a lot of medical treatments, therapies, and medication to correct sperm morphology. Having hard times in getting pregnant will lead you towards fertility assessment. For fertility assessment, semen analysis and other diagnoses are necessary. Later the treatment will undergo as per the type of male infertility factor. 

Follow the Suggestions on Ways to Correct Sperm Morphology

  • Limit overly intake of alcohol
  • Stop the habit of smoking:
  • Go-get a STIs and STDs test:
  • Avoid High-temperature environment:
  • Avoid artificial supplements and toxins:
  • Avoid intake of trans-fats and soy products: 
  • Avoid unwanted stress

Best Way to Cure Poor Sperm Morphology

  • Eat nutrients and healthy food
  • Take good sound sleep
  • Practice meditation or exercising 
  • Take morning sun shower 
  • Add healthy supplements to your diet
  • Take rich Vitamin-C and Vit-A  food

Medications to Correct Abnormal Sperm Morphology 

  • Generic Clomid 
  • Low Dose Naltrexone
  • Human Growth hormone 
  • Human Chronic Gonadotropin 
  • Take Ayurveda supplements 

Types of Observation From Semen Analysis

  • Concentration and Motility Rate of the Sperm

Concentration and motility are the determinative indicators in the male fertility process. The average sperm morphology has an average sperm count of 15 million sperm in a drop of semen. This sperm concentration is average, and the motility is how faster the sperm moves in the semen. The fast sperm motility indicates healthy sperm morphology in males. 

  • Morphology Results of the Sperm

The result of sperm morphology varies when tested at different labs. Even the same male semen doesn’t release the same amount of sperm when taken frequently. So this shows that sperm abnormalities or poor morphology could be temporary and cured by proper treatment.

  • No Sperm State (Azoospermia):

If sperm concentration didn’t pass the average score of three primary morphology conditions(appearance, motility, concentration), this is calledsevere infertility odds. There are many ways to treat Azoospermia in males. 

And many urologists have successfully corrected the sperm morphology.  So there is no point to be disappointed as no sperm state is also curable, and couples still have chances of fathering a child. 

  • Low Percentile of Motile Sperm 

The low percentage of motility with low sperm count falls under the poor sperm morphology. The medical association has proven that pregnancy is possible with low morphology, but the motility rates affect fertility more than sperm count. 

  • Low Sperm Morphology with a High Concentration of Sperm

Pregnancy and conceiving both are possible in the case of a high sperm count with low morphology.  Here, the sperm concentration rate is very high that makes fertility vital naturally. When there is a good amount of release, the chances of healthy sperm compared to insufficient sperm morphology decrease. And this high sperm concentration raises the chances of getting pregnant with low morphology. 

  • Below Normal Sperm Morphology 

If male infertility falls below the average sperm morphology, none of the morphology factors is up to the mark. The low morphology is a matter of stress, but no worries. Medical science has explored therapies and treatment through research to overcome poor sperm morphology and low motility. The recent medical researches and regular medication updates help many couples to dream of a child.  

Low Morphology Pregnancy Rates

Referring to the report of WHO, the rate of low or poor sperm morphology is very common, and they take it as a standard morphology. Their research and observations found most men with abnormal morphology are getting no barrier parenting a child. It’s is true that low morphology affects pregnancy in many cases. If the factor affecting the sperm morphology has a high range of sperm mortality, then it will lead to no pregnancy. 

The no sperm morphology indicates that the quality of semen is below average, reducing the chances of fertility. Later the couples move on for intrauterine insemination or IVF for their solution on how to get pregnant with poor sperm morphology. When the natural conceiving is interrupted due to low morphology, then most tests approve for IVF. 

  • The meta-analysis report of J.Urol 2018 includes the pregnancies report per intrauterine insemination. 
  • Report of Kruger strict criteria for sperm morphology with an average sperm morphology of more than 4% or less than 1%. 

These reports highlight the success of the clinical intrauterine insemination pregnancy. That is relatively equal to normal to abnormal sperm morphology. Intrauterine insemination fertility refers to sperm motility with the respective age of the female partner. Any abnormalities in sperm morphology cannot stop a parent from expecting pregnancy or having safe childbearing. 

Types of Abnormal Sperm Morphology

State in which the sperm appearance and all the sperm conditions are averagely normal. Here is the list of the standard sperm morphology indicators:

  • Volume and Sperm quality is 1.5 ml. 
  • Average sperm count: 39 million sperms in one-time semen 
  • Sperm concentration: 15 million per ml of semen
  • Normal sperm motility: above 40% in sperm is good
  • Progressive sperm motility: more than 32% of sperm motility is measured to be suitable for pregnancy.
  • Sperm Vitality: more than 58% is normal
  • Sperm morphology: above 4 % is normal morphology

The type of sperm abnormalities where semen is visible with no sperms. When a male experiences no ejaculation and no semen, it is entitled to Aspermia. The men will feel the orgasm but hardly ejaculates the fluid.

  • Retrograde ejaculation, where the semen pushes back into the tubes rather than come out of the sac.
  • A genetic disorder can cause Aspermia. Cystic fibrosis, a type of congenital issue that is considered a genetic disorder. So it possibly affects the male morphology and fertility.
  • Reproductive tracts, hormonal imbalance, illnesses like diabetes, post-testicular cancer treatment, and other sexual dysfunctions are some facts that hint at poor morphology.

Most commonly affected by retrograde ejaculation the hypospermia is a type of sperm morphology. A male that releases below 1.5 ml of semen in quantity is considered Hypospermia. The reasons are almost the same as AspeAspermia having hypothermia to understand the morphology.


The state where Sperm Count records zero is  Azoospermia. The low sperm count is also a severe male sperm morphology that causes impactful infertility. Also, it affects the female getting pregnant. 

Common facts for Azoospermia.

  • Genital issues 
  • Abnormal male reproductive tract 
  • Seminal tract blockage 
  • Obstructed reproductive system
  • Transmitted sexual infections 

As per advanced microscopic examinationof the semen specimen on the room temperature founds no sperm, it is viably considered Azoospermia. Clinical varicocele testing is an essential step during semen analysis.  If it shows high-grade varicocele, then it is subjected to Azoospermia. The diagnosis examines the absence of chemicals, acids, and other elements too. A digital rectal examination helps to see the ejaculation performances and the prostate. 

Furthermore, prescribed tests diagnose the actual cause of infertility or any deficiency. In the below semen examination ad test, the testicular biopsy is the effective way to detect Azoospermia. For more other testicle exploration is required to find the leading cause of infertility. 

  • Physical examination 
  • Pre-history of treatment
  • Endocrine Evaluation
  • Semen analysis
  • Vasography 
  • Testicular biopsy
  • Scrotum exploration 

The state where the sperm concentration measures below the average. It could be mild, moderate, severe, or chronic, as per the sperm analysis report. It is quite possible to face other sperm morphology issues if there is an issue with the sperm count. Like the sperm concentration also affects the sperm’s appearance and motility. 

Many external factors also influence male morphology and infertility. Still, if no specific abnormality is found, it is considered idiopathic oligozoospermia. With low sperm counts, couples could hardly achieve pregnancy and will take a long duration to conceive a child. 

  • Irregular routine habits and lousy lifestyle 
  • Reproductive abnormalities
  • Obstructed reproductive tracts and system
  • Hormonal & Genetic disorders 
  • Long term medications and illness
  • Testicle infringements etc. 

The state of sperm motility is unstable or abnormal; it is Asthenozospermia.  Generally, the sperm moves in the progressive direction that is a straight line. Poor sperm motility occurs or rises due to overdose of medications, drug and alcohol consumption, unhealthy diet and eating habits, smoking, extreme exercising, etc. 

  • The overall sperm movement defines the actual sperm motility in sperm morphology according to WHO.Low sperm motility is not an indicator of risk in pregnancy. They evaluate the fertility from the overall performance of the millions of sperm under a microscope. Asthenozospermia is not a severe or chronic state. Males with low motility can seek treatment and enhance sperm motility to enjoy parenting. 

The state in which male sperms are misshaped and do not appear well to penetrate an egg. The sperm with multiple heads and tails indicates poor sperm morphology. 

The proper shape of the sperm helps the sperm swim and swirl. Later this movement exceeds fertile eggs. The overall best sperm has an oval head with a long elated fine tail. The sperms with round heads are the results of sperm mutation and refer to poor sperm morphology. 


This is another severe state of sperm morphology where the sperm morphology is abnormal. Average men suffer from this sperm morphology. In Necrozoospermia, the sperms are visible but not viable. If no movement detects in the sperms, then these are rarely dead. In such cases consulting and proceeding for treatment under observation is better advice. 

Couples can seek IVF for such severe infertility issues. Fertility science has reached extensive medical treatments to achieve fertility. The researchers and fellow practitioners have now made it easier for most couples to have safe childbearing and parenting. 


The rise in white blood cells in semen is considered leaukocytospermia. Commonly known as pysopermia, in which the sperm is normal, but the semen is crooked. Due to some infections or illnesses, the white blood cells count is increased, which may also cause poor sperm morphology.

General Misconceptions Related to Male Infertility
  • Sperm and Semen are The Same!

No, the sperm is not the semen, yet the sperm is part of semen. Countless sperms are present in the male semen. The male semen contains many proteins, acids, gluey chemical substances, and other elements to support fertility. The male sperms are the reproductive cells that are fertile; the female cells are called eggs. 

  • Age Doesn’t Affect Sperm and Fertility. 

It is a myth, and ageing has a significant impact on fertility, whether about a man or a woman. As the age grows, the capacity of bearing a child, hormones, and other elements reduce their ability and impact fertility. 

  • Men Have no Fertility Issues.

Yes, men also have fertility problems, and they too have stress for their helplessness. They feel very unworthy if they found abnormal sperm morphology issues with their body or organs. 

  • Caffeine Has No Effects on Sperm Morphology

A regular intake of caffeine doesn’t last an impact, but a frequent intake must influence sperm morphology. 

Abnormal Sperm Morphology and Pregnancy

How to get pregnant with poor sperm morphology is a common issue today. The terms abnormal sperm morphology and pregnancy are concerned with congenital abnormalities. Average men experience abnormal sperm morphology. Couples facing problems in conceiving seek intrauterine insemination and In-vitro fertilization treatment.

The intrauterine insemination assessment reported the abnormal morphology. According to AUA Journals, IUI has no severe impact on pregnancy. Also, there are no other critical impacts found in couples having intrauterine insemination treatment. The report reduces the stress over the birth rate or pregnancy with abnormal morphology. 

Misconceptions of Abnormal Sperm morphology While Getting Pregnant

The low or poor morphology doesn’t refer to male infertility, first understand this. A lot of reasons cause infertility, but the rate of permanent infertility is meager. Many environmental conditions, day-to-day eating, and other habits, insomnia, stress, work anxiety, depression, short term or long term illness or treatments,  are indirect ways that harm man sperm morphology. 

One firm conception is abnormal sperm morphology will directly affect the genetic abnormalities during pregnancy. Most people get confused over abnormal morphology effects on conceiving.

According to genetic science, yes, the impact of the genetic features on sperm morphology. But the question ‘Can abnormal sperm morphology cause birth defects?’ will get an answer that it will rarely impact the growth or the appearance of the child. Yes, there is a risk of severe genetic issues: if any male parent has defected sperm morphology, then it can affect the pregnancy or conceived child. 

Some researched reports indicate that defects in sperm morphology (like low motility or concentration) can risk birth defects for sure. These abnormal sperm morphologies can cause inherited illness, long-term physical impairments, hormonal defects, other disabilities, and disorders in the child. 

When there is detected poor sperm morphology in the male body, it impacts sperm concentration and motility. The disruptive form of sperm can risk the child’s features during pregnancy. And unhealthy sperm morphology may cause unhealthy childbirth. So it is good to consult a doctor and frankly discuss your sperm morphology for better resolutions. 

Getting Pregnant with Poor Sperm Morphology with Modern Techniques

Yes, it is quite possible today to get pregnant with poor sperm morphology. The answer of how to get pregnant with poor sperm morphology is achievable with the help of advanced medical technology, equipment, and modern medications(compliance and persistence). 

Below are some Modern Methods of Fertility Treatments

Sperm Washing Technique 

In the process, the team washes the sperm from the specimen of semen during the sperm washing technique. Then the team separates the seminal fluid, plasma, and chemicals from the semen. Semen washed to raise the sperm quality and fertility. Sperm washing is a step used to cure immunological infertility and intrauterine insemination, or IVF.

Types of sperm wash techniques:

  1. Basic Sperm wash Technique
  2. Premium Sperm Wash Technique
  3. Swim-out Sperm wash Technique
Intrauterine Insemination Technique

IUI, a type of artificial insemination process in which the sperm is then sited in the female uterus. Intrauterine Insemination has excellent chances of successful pregnancy even having males’ sperm morphology issues. 

IVF(In Vitro Fertilization) Technique

Here, IVF is another type of artificial insemination in which the fertilization takes place in a test tube. The process undergoes the doctor’s observation and team guidance. And later, the fertilized embryo is sited in the female uterus for further growth. IVF is the most preferred technique for a safer pregnancy and minimizes the chances of miscarriages at the initial stage of fertilization. 

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection Technique

ICSI is a part of IVF, and the sperms are directly injected into female eggs to complete the fertilization process. The sperms are taken directly from the testicles sac by surgery and injected into the woman’s eggs. IVF initiates the successful chances of pregnancy even with low sperm morphology. 

TESE Testicular Sperm Extraction Technique

In this technique, we process sperm extraction to diagnose the reason for Azoospermia(No survival of sperm). Many sperm biopsies happen to know the reasons for the low production of sperm and the quality of semen. 

TFNA Testicular Fine Needle Aspiration Technique

TFNA is the process of collecting the sperms from the scrotal sac through a syringe. The sperms are pulled out directly from the testicles. And later are used in fertilization. 

PESA & MESA Micro-surgical Techniques

The Percutaneous Epididymis Sperm Aspiration and Micro-surgical sperm Aspiration are micro-surgical processes. The patient is treated with general anesthesia to perform the surgery to retrieve the semen fluid. And while performing MESA, the sperms are retrieved from the testicles themselves. In this process, sperm motility remains high and is used later for IVF. MESA is a safe practice without harming and affecting the testicles. 

Donated Sperm 

This technique is actually about selecting the best sperm from the donor profile. The donor’s profile includes the personality traits of the donor that helps you pick the suitable sperm donor for you. It is useful when the couple has a reasonable expectancy for becoming a parent. Also, it requires a tremendous mutual understanding before deciding on having a child from a sperm donor.

All the above techniques refer to safe pregnancy with poor sperm morphology. Consult a doctor before getting into the treatments for safe and suitable fertility treatment.  

Sperm Morphology and Fertility

Usually, sperm morphology is about the accurate size and shape of the sperm. Men are concerned about how to get pregnant with poor sperm morphology. Where different men have different sperm morphology, still, it’s pretty disturbing having low sperm morphology. Sperm morphology is notably a part of fertility in men. And abnormal morphology, low morphology, or poor morphology is entitled to sperm quality. So it is clear that sperm morphology directly affects male fertility and female pregnancy both.   

Sperm morphology depends upon the semen analysis that means sperm quality depends upon the quality of semen. The male body secretes semen that is fluid. The semen contains sperm, amino acids, enzymes, prostaglandin, potassium, zinc, fructose, acids, and other substances. The obscene amount of release of any of these substances can affect male semen affecting your chances on how to get pregnant with poor sperm morphology. 


The details above help to understand the causes and impacts of poor sperm morphology. The reading will expand your knowledge about how to get pregnant with poor sperm morphology. Just take a deep dive into the reading and find out why and how sperm morphology impacts male infertility. 


Can I get pregnant if my husband has abnormal sperm morphology?

Yes, any female can get pregnant with abnormal sperm morphology. As not all abnormalities have severe impacts on sperm morphology, some sperm morphology exists temporarily. 

Can you get pregnant with low sperm morphology?

The answer to the question on how to get pregnant with poor sperm morphology is that there are great chances to bear a child with abnormal sperm morphology or low morphology. If the overall semen analysis and sperm motility result normal, then there are good chances of getting pregnant.

How can I improve my sperm morphology?

To improve sperm morphology must continue with a healthy routine. Avoid overly alcohol consumption or smoking, work stress. Take a good amount of nutritious diet daily.  

What should I do if my sperm morphology is low?

First, avoid stress; second, observe your semen and consult a doctor to ensure low sperm morphology. If it is detected, then follow the treatment and guidelines to cure the low sperm morphology. 


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