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Dr. Rajeev Aggarwal

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About Dr. Rajeev Aggarwal

He has worked as a Fertility expert for as long as he can remember and has witnessed the issues that patients experience. According to him, they need someone to listen to them, someone who will take the time to go through all of the information they've gathered during years of treatment. They require someone who will be open and honest with them, telling them exactly what they need to know without equivocation. For fear of litigation, he believes doctors in the Western world typically mechanically counsel you without contributing their viewpoint. As a result, making a decision becomes extremely tough for a patient who has little understanding of the process. These are the topics I'd want to cover with a Skype online video consultation. He believes that his patients require someone to explain why and how they are experiencing what they are experiencing. What kind of treatment will they require? What alternatives do they have? As doctors, we sometimes prescribe medicines and therapies but forget to include what's most important: time and emotions in our hectic schedules. He rejects the concept of online consultation because the goal of online consultation services would be to simply educate patients on their therapies and assist them in getting therapy from their Fertility doctors.  Patients who consult with him through online mode are strongly discouraged from seeking therapy from him in person. Therefore, instead of expanding his practice, the focus of online fertility consultations is on imparting knowledge and assisting through directing.

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